Monday moments of gratitude - March 28th

Monday, March 28, 2016

Linking up again with Shaunacey to recount my moments of gratitude over the last week.

First and foremost this last week I'm grateful for electricity. And the men and women who's job it is to make sure it gets to my home!! The ice storm late last week was a bad as expected or maybe worse. And we didn't have power for 18 hours. I thought that was bad but some still don't have power and haven't since last Thursday. 

We lost power at 7pm Thursday evening. thankfully I had just finished cooking dinner.  We ate by candlelight and did crafts lit by flash lights. We went to bed early and prayed for it to come back on 

Next morning still nothing and I needed coffee badly. I spent 45 minutes chipping ice off the car so we could go out and drive around the city of Barrie. No joke, we drove around for two hours, managed to find coffee, a gas station that would let us pump gas, and the only open McDonalds. SCORE!! Thankfully early afternoon we had power back. I could at that point enjoy how pretty the ice was. Here's a few snaps over the course of the 18 hours from my iPhone.

I'm also grateful for Long weekends. Having 4 days off (with a bonus half day because of the ice storm) is good for the soul. Hanging with the family all weekend has been great. Though I'm ready for these kids to get back to school!!

Pinterest is next up on my list.  I saw the coolest idea of a umbrellas used as easter baskets! I loved this idea for my younger two, and adjusted the idea for my teens. I try not and over do it at Easter, as it's not Christmas, and when I was a kid I hunted a few eggs, got a chocolate bunny, maybe a dressed and called it a day.

What the young kids got: Skipping rope, bubbles, shopkins blind bag, colouring book, sidewalk chalk, Peeps, Kinder Egg, Old Navy Dress, American Girl Sleeping bag, My Little Pony, Tsum Tsum from Disney Store, and hair stuff & EOS.

The Teen Easter Boxes: Wooden Box from Michaels. Shirt from old Navy, Bath & Body works stuff, random candy, Pony Tail holders from Old Navy, Tsum Tsum's, Davids Tea Easter Eggs (as pictured above) and of course EOS.

Last but not least, my last thankful moment is for the return of nice weather. The kids played outside all day Sunday. I let them run around in their 'gym' clothing. So don't judge the photos, I let them be kids, and they DO NOT match, and their hair is not brushed, but they we outside and that's all that counts!

What were you thankful for this week?

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  1. Sunday was such a beautiful day!! too bad it's crazy rain for the next few days... ah well, it'll hopefully get rid of the rest of the snow!!
    Freaking ice storm, we didn't lose power for too long (8:30-3am) but some people were out for days! YIKES!

    thanks for linking up!

    Simply Shaunacey

  2. I feel bad that you guys had to weather that storm, but I did enjoy the pretty! No coffee would kinda ruin the fun though.

  3. How did you possible go 18 hours without power? Is your heating not by electricity? I would have frozen!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  4. Our power goes out regularly - we get lots of wind storms here. The longest was 24 hours, but at least it wasn't too cold. It's fun for the first few hours and then it gets old! Love the pictures of your kiddos!

  5. Those ice pictures were so pretty! Although stinky that you didn't have any power. So for those that still don't have power, does that mean all of the food spoiled in the fridge/freezer, that would be such a bummer! Glad you made the most of it.

  6. Love the pictures!! Even though the storm totally sucked!! YAY for nice weather now? And I think your girls look pretty damn fashionable in these pics!! :)

  7. Those umbrella Easter baskets are adorable. Great pinning, my friend. I can't imagine an ice storm (I live in the desert) especially an ice storm a week into spring. What? Your pictures are lovely of said ice but time for sunshine and warmer temps. Love that you gals crafted by flashlight, though. Great pioneering!


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