Style Perspectives Week 3- White Pants

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Everybody's talking bout my tight pants, about my tight pants, I've got my tight pants on.

I'm sorry- Every time I wear my white pants, Jimmy Fallon's skit plays in my head ALL DAY LONG. Doesn't help that my office mates also sing it when they wear their white pants.

Good luck getting out of your head now! Ha!

Hopefully you've already been to The Blended Blog and seen Sarah's take on this weeks prompt, but if not click HERE. 

Here's how we looked last week for shades of pink- How cute are we?

So now onto my white pants look. Being a plus size gal, white pants make me super nervous. It takes me a few wears at the beginning of the season to get into the groove and then I don't care and rock them. So I'm getting over my self and posting a photo on the internet for everyone to see. Guess what, no one will die because I wore white pants. Who knew? I decided to go white on white, with a blue linen blazer. I added the scarf for some more colour. Blue shoes because, well they are cute. And bright.

White Jeans - Old Navy
White pop over blouse - Addition-elle (last year)
Blue Blazer  - Old Navy (last year)
Blue Loafers - Payless (also last year....)

My lovely mess of hair is brought to you by my friend Kristy.....

....who told me about a cool technique wrapping wet hair in a T-shirt. I woke up looking like a poodle. Awesomesauce.  

Make sure to check out these other ladies and how they styled their white pants.  And make sure to link up!

I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone interprets these outfits starting on Wednesday! Here’s just a little info before we get going. 1. Please put this HTML in your posts (on your personal blog) I have a different one for TBB which I’ll email to the featured blogger the weekend before her post. Leslie, expect another email from me right after this. ;)
14 bloggers each picked a look that defined their personal style.  
The featured blogger on the Blended Blog showcases her signature style (the prompt for that day) and then the other bloggers (on their personal blogs) show how they interpret it.  
Make sure you stop by the Blended Blog to see the featured lady.  
Please link up on the Blended Blog to show us how you would wear the prompt!

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  1. I love those Jimmy Fallon skits especially with Will Ferrell. You look so fun and fresh and ready for spring girl! I love the scarf you added with it, in fact I think I need that, I know tons that I could wear it with. It goes perfect with your adorable blue shoes! Pretty as can be!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I love all the blue, every last bit of it...especially the shoes. Also- I have never seen that Fallon skit...googling it now.

    1. I really hope you googled it. It's the best ever!

  3. For reall!! I have that song in my head now as I type this!! I heart Jimmy Fallon so much!! Love the white on white and I totally want your blue blazer!! Love this pairing!!

  4. I love ALL of it!!!! That blazer is fan freaking tastic!!!! I want one.

    Also, I forgot I have blue flats somewhere... must go dig them out!

    Simply Shaunacey

    1. thanks! I have a blazer problem these days. I own too many.

  5. Off to go look up the skit! I love you in white on white...shoot I was just watching something that popped up on FB, can't remember for the life of me where I saw it, anyway, they were talking about single color bases, like all white under a fun cardigan/scarf, so exactly what you did! Looks great lady!

    1. Who knew I was so trendy - ahhahah kidding.

  6. That pop of blue in your shoes and scarf are the perfect accent. I am going to have to try white on white. You look great!

    Daily Style Finds

  7. Gorgeous! I love the white-on-white but with the details of the blazer, scarf and shoes. It's like wearable white-on-white. I seriously envy your knack for colour pairings.

    1. oh gosh, my knack? It's total fluke. If it looks clean, then I throw it on, and hope it matches. Honestly - hot mess.

  8. I don't think you look like a poodle but I do think you great in this look!

  9. Way to wear the white on white with confidence. You look great!

  10. I love white on white, and your blue shoes and scarf are so pretty. The whole outfit is just beautiful and so springy!

    1. Yes, I'm trying to bring spring to Ontario - it's rained and been miserable all week. I need green grass and flowers!

  11. Love your all white look with pops of blue! And wrapping your hair in a tshirt for a poodle look? I'm intrigued.


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