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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hopefully you've already been over to The Blended Blog and seen Shaunacey’s Bright pants look already! I can’t believe we’re on week 5 of our style challenge already. These posts are my favourite and I look forward to them all week. The only part I hate is narrowing down my choices in my closet.

I own a 4 pairs of bright pants, who knew? But for this week I went with red, because I knew which blouse I wanted to pair with it. This Is my wear to work version, and after a few weeks of the challenge now, I realize I wear a lot of blazers, or cardigans. I also wear a lot of colour, and I never really thought about it. For years my uniform was black pants, and black shirts. I forced myself out of it, but didn't really pay attention. Now I rarely wear all black. Wow, the things I never really paid attention too.

I'm sorry, I'm rambling, back to the bright pants.

Here’s my fat a$$ wearing Red Pants. And you know what? I LOVE THEM. Also, I'm wearing black pumps. Yup, I'm 5’7 and wish I was 5’4, but whatever. They match my blazer. And make me look a bit thinner. So I'm wearing them. Also they hurt my feet but pain is beauty.

My shirt is from Marshalls, pants are from Old Navy, Shoes from Payless, Blazer from Penningtons. Necklace – DSW. Clutch – Indigo. Lipstick – MAC. Everything dug out of my closet and older pieces. Well, the clutch is newish from Valentines day from Nick. 

There you have it. I still don't have this photo taking thing down yet. My arms look all funny, but my teenage photographer gets annoyed with all of my posing. 

Look at all of us from last week in our printed shirts ! ADORABLE? Yes:)

I hope other people are wearing bright pants today and linking up!! *AHEM LADIES IN MY OFFICE please instagram and use #theblendedblogstyle OR if you have a blog, link up below:)

14 bloggers each picked a look that defined their personal style.  
The featured blogger on the Blended Blog showcases her signature style (the prompt for that day) and then the other bloggers (on their personal blogs) show how they interpret it.  
Make sure you stop by the Blended Blog to see the featured lady.  
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  1. You brunettes sure can wear red!!! I love how you paired this with a neutral cardi and the floral top is so cute!! Tis know hoe to rick color so well and that stripped clutch is darling!! Pretty as can ve!!

  2. Love this!! You are rockin' the red lady!!! And I love them paired with the black pumps and blazer!! I want that top too!! Don't ever not wear's your look!! Was laughing when you gave a shout out to your ladies at work!!

    1. Hahah thanks! Ya I threaten my ladies at work daily.

  3. Great red pants! They look great with the floral top, cardi, & pumps. I love the fun, striped clutch, too!

  4. I think you are absolutely stunning and I have loved every single combo you have come up with!

  5. Love this outfit on you! I can't even believe you only wore black on black...I can't even imagine it. You rocked this outfit and look great! And yes pain is beauty :) But so worth it for a good outfit :)

    1. It's true. Monday - Friday all black.

  6. Rocking the red bright pants with the pretty red floral top, Nicole. =) Always a pleasure joining your linkup, too.

    Welcome by and linkup with me for "Thursday Moda" tomorrow. Thanks, Ada. =)

  7. This whole outfit is so gorgeous on you! I'm loving everyone's red pants, and it's so pretty paired with the floral top. I'm 5'9" so I never wear heels, but I'm pulling out a pair of black pumps for Vegas - wish you were coming!

  8. Thanks Lana ! I wish I was too :(( next trip!

  9. This is a great look on you! I love all your pieces and that purse = perfection!

  10. I love your pattern mixing! You look great!

    1. Thanks! I didn't even realize I was until you pointed it out. Man I wish I was cooler.

  11. Girl, you rocked last week's outfit and blew this week's out of the water. Love those lipstick red pants. Great job pairing them with that pretty blouse and the blazer. You are pretty as a picture. So glad I am getting an opportunity to get to know you better.

  12. You look great in this look - mixing the floral and stripes. It's funny what we wish for - I am 5'5" and wish I was a few inches taller.

    Daily Style Finds

  13. I love the bright red pants with florals. So cute!


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