Doe a Deer a Female Deer

Friday, August 28, 2009


Nick had yesterday off, and since it's the last week we have with the older girls before school starts we figured we'd do something fun. I wanted to go to the Ex. Nick wanted to go to the Farm, and the kids said ZOO. So, off to the zoo we went.

Elmvale Zoo that is.

The land of monkeys, every kind of monkey you can imagine. They throw in a few Deer, a Tiger, some snakes

and oh....Llamas

Oops, and I forgot, Giraffes (or as my kids called them "SOFIES")


But mostly. They had Monkeys. And guess what I didn't get pictures of. That's right, monkeys. I was overwhelmed by them. So I said forget this business....I'm boycotting the monkeys.

I'll take pictures of goats instead.






I actually didn't say or think that. It just so happens, I didn't get pictures of monkeys because I was lazy and didn't really take a ton of pictures.(your definition of ton and my definition of ton are probably different)

And for those of you wondering "Where's Abby??"

Here she is..
she was all over the place at the zoo. Out of all of my kids she's my biggest animal lover, and just wanted to see everything. So no posing for pictures for her. (besides the one above)

Abby: Mommmmmmm come here see this
Me: One sec...
Abby: OMG mommmmmmm but see this too
Me: okay Abby let me ju.....
Abby: Mom can I have one of these??
Me: No Abby we cannot have a deer. Or a Llama, or Alpaca.

Abby: Did you know these animals don't want to be here. They're sad, you can see it in their faces.

Kids. Smarter than we give them credit for sometimes.

My babies:)

Get the Doe a Deer song out of your head yet?


I'm sure your singing it again now........your welcome:)

* In case your wondering, yes we had fun at Elmvale Zoo. I recommend it to those of you with YOUNGER children and husbands who don't like crowds and lots of walking. However, if your children are around 8 or older, I'd go to the Toronto Zoo. Madison was pretty bored, other than the feeding of the animals. And you don't do that long.

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  1. Thanks...stupid song! lol.

    Great that last one of all 4 girls.


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