Mother of the Year

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today Tanya and I decided to take the kids to the Fountains, or splash pad down at the Barrie waterfront.


We've been planning this since the beginning of the summer. You see, we had these brilliant ideas on how we'd keep the kids sooo busy this summer, with the beach, and parks, and Library and going for walks.

Took us until August 13th

I blame it on the rain.

So we get there, shortly after 10am. I'm thinking to myself. I'm freaking mother of the year. I got up at 7:30. Fed Nevaeh, got Mimi ready for pre-school, and helped Abby find her bathing suit, got Nick up, drove him to work, dropped Mimi off at pre-school, picked up Tanya all before 10am. Not bad right? I'm sooo proud of myself. I also think to myself, the splash pad will be dead, because all the other mothers out there aren't as great as me. They're still sleeping, or being lazy, and not driving half of their family around town like wonderful me.

It was busy. And it looked like these mothers had been there a while. And they had packed picnics. And had camping chairs for god sake. Tanya and I sat on towels like losers. I'm the loser mother. I was so proud of myself and then looking at all these 'other' mothers who obviously do this with their children every day, I came down a notch. or two.

So, other than that and other than Merlin getting off of his leash, we had a pretty good time. Short lived....apparently was a bit too cold for them.

Love these two boys.....

Tanya took this one of Hayden..


Nevaeh hugging Tanya :)

Photobucket Photobucket

She didnt like the fountains much....


but I made them stand there for one more pic, because there was a faint rainbow in the water

Mother of the year, yes, that's me.

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  1. haha... that picture of Neveah is hilarious! Love it.

  2. Yep blame it on the I can't get over how much Tanya's kids look just like her!


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