i <3 Vin Diesel.....

Sunday, August 09, 2009

For those of you who know me, you probably just said "what the???" as you know I cannot stand Vin Diesel. Or his fast furious silly fast car movies. Not up my ally whatsoever.

But today, Nick shaved his face. I don't mean trimmed his long ass goatee, but actually shaved it.

All of it.


I happy:)

He actually doesn't look like Vin Diesel at all, more like Mr. Clean, but I wasn't about to put I Heart Mr. Clean on my blog Title.

BUT his bald head and rather large ego do bare a remarkable resemblance to Vin...

Pretty eh? I'm a luck girl I know

In the middle of shaving his head. Gross right?

Head shaved, now onto the goatee....

Washing off all that nasty hair ...this is a bit graphic now that I'm writing it...sorry if you have a weak stomach

And drum roll please.....

Introducing, my new man:


and is oh so famous 'I love you' face'..


Yes, I'm a lucky girl lol

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  1. Wow he looks like a completely different person! I can relate...before I met Dan he had a goatee...I really don't like guys with facial hair so I'm glad he shaved it before we met haha.


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