Easter Weekend Re-cap

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I didn't touch my camera at all this weekend, only used my phone - very liberating. 

I love long weekends. Especially ones where I'm not working! I have nothing to edit (all caught up for the first time in oh, ever!) so spent it with family...oh and cleaning.

Friday morning super early we got up and ventured off to Garden Gallery for their Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Apparently the entire City of Barrie decided to go at the same time.

It was madness.

I think Nev got about 8 eggs in total. Mimi helped Lily find eggs, but still there was way too many children. Still fun at the end of the day. Until we tried to leave the parking lot and it took 45 minutes to get out.

Saturday was spent spring cleaning shopping with my sister. I also painted my kitchen. Rather productive if I don't say so myself. 

While cleaning my room, I giggled at my dresser. I really need to dust the crap I stick on there more. Also, think I like colour a bit? 

Sunday morning we ventured off to my sisters place for an egg hunt and brunch. I love this new tradition. Last year was the first year Carol Anne was living up here and did the egg hunt but not brunch. I'm so glad we added that part this year rather than dinner. So fun! I love that our girls get to grow up together. Even though Madison is like way older than the little ones, she helps out with the baby and lily because she's so used to having kids around. It's fantastic.

I ended up taking Monday off as well and Nev and I ventured to the mall with Carol Anne and Claire. I thought I was crazy when it came to the style challenge but my sister takes the cake. She's bought and returned more things than I can count. Hahah. I'm just jealous my plus size bum can't fit into half of what she buys. 

While sitting in the food court I took these.

Me trying to copy Claire's crazy eye faces:) I <3 her.="" p="">

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  1. We didn't do the greenhouse this year... tried Chappells which Annabelle LOVED!!!
    I still love all Nevs outfits, stylish little thing like her momma!


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