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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm on a mission. To find the perfect shoe for photographing weddings in all summer. If you know me, or if I photographed your wedding last year you'll remember me wearing my Birks. ALL SUMMER LONG. While super comfy on my feet, they aren't exactly the prettiest of shoes.

Tanya and I have both torn through many of shoes trying to find something that doesn't kill our feet after 10+ hours. I know some women wear heels all day but I can't imagine what my poor feet would feel like! Ouch.

I'm looking for something stylish, but comfortable, and preferably something with colour. I typically wear black on the wedding day. Mainly as black is practical when you're laying on the ground trying to get a shot. So I'm thinking coloured shoes would add a pop of fun, and I can style it with pretty jewellery.

So in my search I've found Tieks a few weeks ago and I'm dying. They are amazing and so colourful. One problem. I want them all! And if they were payless shoes I would own them all, but they are a bit pricey so only one pair is all I have in my budget at the moment.  I need help to figure out what I should get.

These are my favourites!

(and I may get the Leopard Print ones in the fall)


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  1. omg those are SUPER cute!!! where do you buy them??

    1. online only I think? I was going to order some, as my bday present from Nick in May LOL

  2. Tieks are on my super-some day wishlist! In the meantime, I've bought colorful Vaneli flats from 6pm instead. Lots of colors usually available and it does give that pop to an outfit. But I will keep Tieks on my wishlist. You just reinforced that with this post!


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