Spring is here...

Friday, April 03, 2015

Yesterday I was getting ready, and because it felt like a Friday I threw on jeans. I wanted to feel spring like because it's easter weekend, so I wore a pink shirt, and super cute spring scarf I got last year in Buffalo somewhere.

After getting dressed I find Nevaeh putting together her outfit for the day and looking for her necklace. This kid is 6 and has a collection of statement necklaces already. I'm not kidding (check out her #whatnevwears on instagram or on the sidebar of my blog - she's hilarious).

Just about to leave the house for the day and Madison steals one of my JCrew necklaces.

Ya, we're a pretty trendy family:)

Get to work and EVERYONE is in spring fun colours. So cute, we took a pic (Poor Charlottes shirt is covered and you can only see her black Cardi, but she was wearing a really pretty green/teal shirt).

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