Monday, April 13, 2015

I thought since I wasn't shooting a ton at the moment, I'd have tons of time to blog.


The last week was a rather busy one, which is typical in my home with so many children. Last week was the same as any other week, except one of my besties Ashlee had her baby!! So happy for her and Lyss (if you know me personally you'll know I photographed them a lot, you can see them here and wedding here) Their beautiful baby boy arrived Thursday, so basically productivity after that was nil. Which is fine, who needs to be productive on Fridays anyways? Oh, but I did buy cute shoes for the spring challenge Friday. Maybe that counts? (....and 3 pairs at that!)

I wore this shoe shopping and thought it was adorable.

Saturday I had a Maternity Session down town, I wore this, while shooting this:

And then I got to visit the baby. He's basically the cutest thing ever.

Can't wait to take his newborn photos:)

On Sunday my mom and sis and I drove to Vaughan to celebrate my cousin Sarah's bridal shower. My Aunt Tina and her other daughter Victoria outdid themselves. Amazing shower. Plus our table won a lot of games (oh hey Table 4!!). Also, Italians do it right. Umm carb fest 2015 happened. 

What I wore:

Random phone photos from the day:

Oh I forgot to mention on Sunday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn. Not to get ready, but because I knew I had Super Bucks for Old Navy. And they started that morning. So up I got, logged online ordered the 3 items I knew I wanted (and had in my shopping cart already like the loser I am) and then went to get back in bed and found this:

Nick is going to kill me for posting this. 

Today is day one of the style challenge but I'm saving my posts for Wednesday! Showing peeks on Instagram though:)

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  1. I love your shopping outfit!! The colors are awesome!!
    Those food pics seriously made me hungry... bah


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