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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I was reading someone's blog the other day. For the life of me I can't remember who's but they had a list of things they liked on the internet this week and I so totally have to start blogging this weekly!

I'm an oversharer on Facebook when I find something funny. Either that or I forward my friends links upon links. Instead I'll collect and just post here. Seems more organized and lately I'm all about organization. 

In no particular order. Here's what I'm liking. :

1. My new boyfriend James Corden. Check out his YouTube channel. And watch everything.  Right now. If you have limited time I recommend these.

This one
This one
and then this one

2. This meme makes me laugh.


3.  This article is all sorts of truth - click here

4. So, who knew Jeremy renner could sing ? I fell in love with him at this moment.

5. Netflix is technically internet and I have a problem. I just finished binge watching parenthood. ( no tears left in my body) and so I thought I would re try Friday Night lights. Addicted.  

6. Speaking of Netflix. If you haven't watched Kimmy Schmidt do it now. Stop everything ( it gets better after 3rd episode) and watch. Titus is my spirit animal. Hashbrown no filter.

7. Edited to add : Forgot about this little gem - HERE

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  1. Isn't Parenthood THE BEST? I loved it! Every episode spoke to something I had experienced or was experiencing. Well, almost. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Looking for something new to watch.


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