What I wore week 3

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We're almost at the end of the challenge. I'll be so sad when it ends. But my sister and I are doing to do the 2014 spring challenge ( you can sign up for free here ) starting Monday.

Here is what I wore this week :

Yes. It snowed last Thursday. Boo!

Friday I was off script. Attended a visitation and didn't think chambray was appropriate.

Saturday I modified a bit. ( well I kept the grey t and necklace ).  

Sunday my mini me and I were #twinning. If you are bored check out her hashtag on Instagram. #whatnevwears is hilarious.

Monday I had an arm party. 

Tuesday. My feet are killing me. And I wore a skirt. Cray!

Confession : I totally forgot to shave my legs so I was that girl in my booty shorts. 5 min before leaving in my tub shaving. I'm all class. 

Excuse the poor selfie. I blame the teenager who took it.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks me too. I'm trying not to buy more.

  2. Oh I love your mini you and you twinning, so cute! Plus it was my favorite outfit of the week that you wore.

  3. I love all the stripes and dots! They look great on you! And how cute with your mini wearing the stripes too!

  4. Killer polka dots and yay for hairy legs!

  5. I love all your accessories! So pretty.

  6. polka dots for the win. Also, I will not lie, shaving my legs has become a bit of a challenge... I appreciate long maxis for this reason lol.
    I LOVE the stripe maxi dress on you, so pretty and your mini is adorable!

  7. Love the striped maxi!! And the booties in the first pic are great too!! Love the grey tee with the military jacket!! At least you shaved...I would've changed!! LOL


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