What I wore.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I was really good about taking photos of my outfits until the long weekend came about.  I was basically a hot mess in boyfriend jeans and a tank all weekend either working in the garden or at my sisters pool or at pitch perfect 2. Fantastic weekend, just crappy clothing choices. Registration for the summer challenge opens on Friday!!!!  2 Sleeps people!

Here is what I managed to take pics of:

Thus and Friday last week
That printed shirt I bought two years ago and wore once. It ended up looking cute with my military blazer. 

Tuesday's outfit :

Finally got a kimono. And now I want 1@ more. So cute and comfy. 

And this is quick photo of what I'm wearing today 

It's a terrible photo. You can't see my white jeans because the wind blew my blouse about. Ah well. 

And some random photos from the weekend : 

On Sunday I got to photograph this pretty lady :)
Abby and mimi on a date with me to see pitch perfect 2. Loved it. :)

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  1. Pitch perfect was perfection. So is that kimono

  2. hey that's me!! lol
    I LOVE that kimono!!!! So so pretty!!
    this post makes me want a pool... badly... well maybe not this second cause it's friggin freezing but I'm sure I'll feel differently in a few weeks when I'm all hot, pregnant and swollen!


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