Hair....Before and Afters

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's been since June since I've had a hair cut. I know gross right? Gag.

Tanya, is a bit better than I. She boxed dyed her hair in August. Or shall I say bleached it. That's a whole other story for another day.

So today we decided good day to get it done. The fab Kathrin came to Tanya's and did magical things for us.

Here's Tanyas Before:


Shut up Tanya. Do not bitch about this picture.

Because....Here is my before:


See...I can't even face how bad my hair was.

Bad bad.

We had a fun girly day...Chit chatted, gossiped, and I took pictures while Tanya was in the hot seat...

and she took some terrible ones of me. Which I'm not posting.

Oh..found an okay one.


and for those of you who were wondering what Nevaeh did.....


She swept up the hair....Kidding. I'm so totally not into child labour.


Drum Roll Please.....


Beautiful Tanya. Brown suits her I think. Buh Bye Bleached Blonde Hair. Hello Georgous!

Tanya took this amazing after shot of me:


She's amazing isn't she. She totally captured the essence of how beautiful my hair is. I'm so glad she's my business partner, she's amazing with a camera.


Because Tanya is a crap photographer I had to take this one with my point n shoot while I'm blogging...


I didn't cut if off. I couldn't do it. So, got it layered like crazy and some funkier bangs.

Thanks Kat. We love our hair and had a blast:)

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  1. Wow Tanya, you look FAB as a brunette! Definitely suits you! And Nicole love the bangs and the style!
    Lookin good ladies!!


  2. Aww glad you guys like the hair, it was alot of fun! Take care and keep in touch


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