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Friday, October 09, 2009

Yesterday was Mimi's picture day at her pre-school. She does attend Kindergarten every other day, but on her days off, she goes to Paint Pots n Tots for more learning.

I was a bit nervous for her pictures because, well, I was the photographer, and she never smiles properly for me. So I was leaving this one up to Tanya.

The night before I made a big deal about getting ready and asked if she wants to curl her hair, and surprisingly she said sure. So I rag curled her hair...



And she actually sat still for me while it took me over an hour to do this. She kept saying "Mom, I'm going to look so beautiful, like a princess"...she's too cute.

So next morning, woke up, took out the rags and...


Wow, thats some crazy curl. I was expecting waves ....not curly sue.

She wanted to leave it like this.

Grabbed one of our Inspired Life Hats and she looked adorable....see



I could eat her she's so cute.

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  1. Aw she really is sooooooo adorable!

    I've never even heard of rag curling. So cool.

  2. I am sooo stealing that when Sydney actually grows some hair:) She is super cuteness!


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