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Thursday, October 22, 2009

This week at the kids dance school it's parents week. No, parents aren't dancing...wouldn't that be a treat watching me dance...ewww

But we do get to watch them dance.

And tonight was Abby's turn. She was excited to show us her moves. But it's more like gymnastic moves rather than dance, because she's in Acro.....So I don't think they've gotten to the whole dance part yet.

So we waited patiently for them to start...well, everyone was patient but Nevaeh

This is her trying to wiggle free of Daddy. And don't mind daddy's dirty pants, he just literally got off work.

So first they stretch...


and then it's time for me to turn all my pics black and white, because the colouring/lighting conditions SUCKED in the studio, and silly me forgot to bring my flash.





and I'm not quite sure what this is...

I'm so proud of Abby. Of all my girls, she's the most clumsy. She's off in her own little world most of the time, and is constantly tripping over her feet. What a surprise it was when she became the most athletic. She's AMAZING at soccer, literally bowls the other kids down. And last year in Ballet she knocked em dead. Her lines were perfect (well...as perfect as they can get for a 6 year old). She's just got so much energy it's hard to pin her down. She can't sit still for longer than ....well, I'm not sure if she's ever sat in one spot ever.

*as an aside. I'd just like to say I started writing this blog at 10pm this evening, then had to keep stoping for various reasons. And then at about 11:20 Nick comes to me and says "go to walmart and pick up a vacuum belt" So off I go(I'm not going to complain if he's cleaning...this is an odd occurance that happens about once every 8 months), and of course, Murphy's law, they are sold out of the particular belt I need. So I bought a new vacuum. I like it. It's pretty and cute. So as I type this now at 12:17am, it's to the faint humming sound of my new pretty cute (and apparently useless) vacuum.

Good night.

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