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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I was a little stuck on this weeks theme, as all my 'excited' pictures seemd to look forced. I tried to get a few with my youngest, but none turned out to be what I wanted.

But then, I remember my Hubby Nick took this picture of the baby a few weeks back, while we were out at Cora's having Breakfast (she was excited about Waffles covered with Bananas)

So this is officially his first entry (I'm posting on his behalf because he has no clue how to blog).


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  1. What a doll! Such an adorable picture!

  2. Wow she sure was excited! love it!

  3. oh, what a cutie!!! love the shot!

  4. Tell him he did a great job! What a cutie and what excitement!

  5. Just had a wee trawl thru yours too {wave}

    WHAAAAEEEEEYYYY? in the name of all that's holy or even heathen are you getting married over here? It WILL rain. Haven't you learnt anything from reading my incessant whining about "the weather"? It's not just a British affliction you know - it's really wet and grey here for like 330 days a year. And I can't count!

    Nah you'll love it - getting married in a castle by any chance? Not the one I can't believe I live here and have never visitied is it? Eilan Donan? Me and my camera need so need to go there.

    I'd swap in a minute, my man is desperate to visit Canada since I keep harping on and on and on about how wonderful it is. My parents used to live in Brantford so I spent a few summers over in your neck-ish of the woods and you get much warmer and prettier summers than we do.


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