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Sunday, October 04, 2009


I know, I haven't been blogging much these past weeks. I've been trying to get all of my photo shoots edited, organized, and out the door. Between that and family life, well doesn't leave much time for blogging. Never mind taking pictures for fun.

Here's a snapshot of my life in case you don't believe me:

7:00am - on the dot. Nevaeh wakes up. I try and ignore it, but she's loud. And wakes Merlin up. Then he barks, and she says "DADADADA" really loud. I think she's calling me, she just can't say mama yet.

7:10 - Mimi and Abby wake up because of the Merlin barking and Nevaeh's new found screaming voice. Everyone is hungry at once. Try and feed everyone, including dog.

7:20 - Yell "MADY WAKE UP" downstairs for the first time

7:30 - Try and do hair, and try and wake Nick up for the first time

7:40 - another "MADY WAKE UP, I MEAN IT" down the stairs. Make sure lunches are in everyones backpacks.

7:50 - "NICK, get up, you'll be late for work" and "MADY I MEAN IT, IF YOUR NOT DRESSED AND UP HERE IN 5 MINUTES, I"LL DRAG YOU TO SCHOOL NAKED"

7:52 - Madison is up, rushed, and freaking out because she doesn't have enough time to do her hair.

8:00 - I manage to brush my own teeth and throw my hair in a pony. That's all my prep time for the day. But by now Nick is up and we fight over the washroom

8:15 - we're out the door. I take Nick to work first. We stop at Starbucks, or I wont make it through the rest of the day

8:40 - Drop the kids off at school. By now I need another coffee

9:00 -300pm Nevaeh and I are at home, and I'm trying to play with her, clean the house before she has a nap. While she naps I edit photos.

3:15 - Pick up kids, everyone is "STARVING" go home have snack
4pm - Homework/tv time.
5:00 - ??- Dinner and get ready for extracurricular.

Now this is where it gets interesting (please keep in Mind Nick is at work till late, so this is me doing it all)

Kids Activities:

Mondays - 6pm - Abby at Sparks
Tuesday - 6pm - Mady at Guides
Thursdays - 5:15 - Abby at Dance

Never mind Saturdays when Mimi and Mady dance from 10am - 12noon and Nick also works.

I need a drink just typing this.

So, as my mind and body get used to all this chaos, I haven't picked up my camera for 'fun' use, much. Yesterday I did manage too, but it started raining of course, so I just let the kids run in the rain and snapped shots...because I figured I need some fun pictures of them. Running in the rain in fields is fun no? It was only Mady and Abby. Mimi & Nevaeh slept in the van.

Sleep.....I need some of that.

Here are some pics:







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  1. Great pictures! Kids love the rain...we took Riley fishing in the rain and he had the best time ever.


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