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Friday, May 15, 2015

This week the Style Me Bloggers are talking about our summer plans! I'm excited to check out what everyone else will be doing during the warmer months.

I have two (basically full time) jobs. I work full time at Georgian College Monday - Friday. When people hear this they automatically assume I get summers off. Nope, not the case. I schedule the courses, so I'm prepping the fall timetables during the summer. So it's crazy. And then I'm a wedding photographer on top of this which means every Saturday I have the pleasure of photographing 25-30 different couples on their happy day.

All of this to simply say my travel plans are very limited in the summer. I get a day or two here and there to go away. And sometimes 4 whole days in a row (this happens almost never).

So here are my plans (so far) for this summer.



Starting in 2013 my sister and I have done 'sister trips' each mothers day. I highly recommend traveling with your sister if you have one, she's honestly the only person besides Nick I can see myself spending that much time with and because we're both crazy OCD control freaks like our mother it works out.

Our first trip was Vegas. (this was us getting ready for thunder down under)

Last year was New York City - I fell in love. I need to live in SOHO.

This years trip is Boston and we're actually getting to watch our little cousin Sarah get married! We're pretty excited. Our must have visiting spots so far are:


Predictable? yes. But c'mon, I'm still old enough to remember watching this with my parents and loving this show. I don't care if I go inside ( I know I know, I'll be disappointed) but I have to get a photo outside.

Boston Public Gardens

I loved this movie, and need to visit this bench.


So many reasons to go here, mainly because who wouldn't check out Harvard, but um, huge Gilmore Girls fan and even though Rory eventually went to Yale, Harvard was her first choice and well I need to drink a Starbucks while wearing a JCrew sweater tied around my neck and walk around. Stay tuned for photos. Sorry for the run on sentence.


When we first decided to go to Boston I figured we should hit a baseball game. I checked online to see if they would be playing and guess what - The Blue Jays will be there - WHAT!?! So we're totally going in something Jays. I'm terrified, but that's what over priced beer is for.

Next years sister trip will be Nashville hopefully (and let me tell you the year after that will be Texas Carol-anne!) oh riggs.

but i digress...


At the beginning of July (and end of June really) we are renting a cottage at Laurentian Lodge in Elliot Lake. My parents and my sis and her hubby (and their kids) also rented cottages so should be a fun time.

It's been two years since we last rented from them, but kids had a blast - here are a few pics from the last time.

 And honestly besides day trips to Wasaga Beach or the Bruce, we're not doing much else for the summer besides parking it at my parents pool (mom and dad you've been warned!)

November will be a whole other story when we're in Mexico :)

Check out the other bloggers and what they are up to for the summer !

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  1. The Jays at FENWAY????? JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Boston - and how fun to go with your sister!

  3. Ha! Just wrote my comment somewhere else! Not sure where it went. Traveling with your sister is the best. I love being with my sister. She gets me. Even though we are really different. Enjoy Boston!

  4. agree with Deena, totes jealous over seeing the Jays at Fenway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND of having a sister and getting to travel with her! So fun!!

  5. Awesome sister trips!! These are great picks for sites to see in Boston! I did the Cheers thing too! HA! You might also want to check out Faneuil Hall too! Shops and Food! I went to the Sam Adams brewery but that is like way outside the city...There are so many great things to do all around the city!! Oh and Nashville is another fave of! Fun!!

  6. I think sister trips would be so fun...unfortunately, I only have a brother. Hope you have a good time!

  7. If it makes you feel better, you have more trips planned than me this summer. I think we are going to save up for a big trip when it is cold again so my excitement will be the MN state fair (hopefully!)


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