Spring challenge wrap up.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

This last couple weeks just flew by. I can't believe May is here and we have such great weather.

I'm sad that the spring challenge is all wrapped up but am excited that the Facebook group is still pretty active ! I'm trying to follow along with last years challenge right now but shopping from my closet only. It trying really hard not to buy anything right now until the summer challenge starts. Wish me luck. 

Here's what I wore the last few days of the challenge. 


This one I loved. I received several comments before 8 am that day so I consider that a success. 


Friday was my kind of day. I own several black tops ( I wear a ton of black to weddings. ) and I love my accessories from this day. People either love or hate my topshop necklace. I love it. 

Saturday  ( off script)

Grey and pink instead of white on white. Baby steps. Too much white on my rather large body isn't happening yet. 


I wore floral leggings. Yes this really happend. And I LOVE THEM.  I need more stat. And this was the final day :(

I really don't have words to describe how much I loved this challenge. I loved that I know more people in real life who were doing it and love that I found new friends because of it. Out of 5 challenges this was the first time I posted to the Facebook group every day and am very proud of my self. I feel silly because it's a materialistic thing, but it's really not. The whole look good/feel better approach really does work. I was completely a mess/frumpy before these challenges and never did my hair or make-up, and my now my kids say I'm on fleek so I'll take that as a compliment:)

And because why not here is what I wore this week mon-wed

Why yes. That's the clutch  I asked for last week. Thanks to the many people who sent him last Fridays blog post lol

Awkward photo. But love this clutch!!

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  1. OH my gosh, I love all of your outfits! You look so put together and stunning friend. For some reason i couldn't get my act together to post pictures in the FB group. Not sure why, I took some and then would forget to post them, darn! But you have to try the white on white, I bet it looks better on you then you think. I was super hesitant to do it, but loved it once I did. Try it, try it, try it...did the peer pressure work? Hehe

    1. Thank you!! I do want to try the white on white....I found a lace tank I might start with (it has a black underlay so it's not exactly cheating!)

  2. I have loved seeing your looks and reading your posts! I think we'd get along just grande in the real world

    1. Fo shizle we would. Anytime in your in Ontario. Both Shaunacey and I are here. And the Blue Jays:) ....ps. to you and Shaun I'm gonna be in Boston in June and the red socks are playing the Jays - do I wear Jays stuff or no? I'm not sure how mean boston will be to me! LOL

    2. YES wear Jays stuff lol! There are always a few Jays fans no matter where they play :)

  3. Floral leggings? Gotta have the shopping details on those little cuties! And pink and gray is a winner every time. So glad you have joined our group. Looking forward to more great posts.

    1. OLD NAVY!! only $12 for those leggings - and are so comfy - and not see thru when stretched. trust me , my thighs are big :)

  4. Love your floral leggings! I totally agree - getting dressed pretty every day makes such a difference in my attitude! Looking forward to the summer challenge!

    1. Thanks Lana - I'm looking forward to it too:)

  5. Ok, I'm still obsessed with today's look... maybe I'm just uber impressed your hubs got it right lol!! See, there's another benefit to blogging, people can spam your partners with all the things you want but he'd never know about! win!

  6. That's awesome! You got the clutch...so pretty!

  7. Love that clutch...yay for getting it!! Love your first outfit!! So, so cute and I am now going to search ON for floral leggings! Great looks!


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