Day 12

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last night was BRUTAL. I felt pretty good about going to the gym on a Friday night at 7pm, when really I'd rather be at East Side Mario's stuffing my face with bad carbs.

Got there, had to do my warm-up, and while I was doing that, I watched my trainer, kick the crap out of Luana (another lady in the contest). She was sweating like a maniac and they were doing a new routine. I thought to myself 'uh oh, he's in a mood today'.

So, when it was my turn, after my warm-up, I nervously walked down the steps from the Mezzanine and he looked at me in the eye and said "this ones hard sweetheart" and I thought Oh. Fuck. Pardon my french, but that's what I thought. I can always tell when he's serious, because he uses his quiet voice. While I'm training and we're joking around "I hate you" "I hate you more" "you can go lower" " You can go to hell", he's loud and annoying. But when he's dead serious he's quiet.

He wasn't lying. It was hard. The hardest circuit I've done. I didn't puke, but came close, and he noticed the signs and I only did 3 sets of the circuit rather than 4. Then he quietly told me to go do cardio. I'm happy he didn't push me to puke, but just to the brink of it. I feel bad that I didn't make it through the entire thing, so It's my goal to do 4 the next time he springs this horrible circuit on me.

Off again to the gym I go this afternoon, after a Maternity shoot, and then I'm going to rest until Monday. No gym tomorrow. My body is done for the week.

And tomorrow Abby will be 7, my big grown up girl. I'll post an Abby post tomorrow;)

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