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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It’s been a while since my venting post. I’ve calmed down some now.

I know it sounded like I was quitting but I didn’t. Friday night at 9pm, I was at the gym. Doing Cardio. Saturday morning BEFORE the girls Birthday Party. I was at the gym with Nyrton – going through hell and whining like a baby. Sunday morning BEFORE Mimi’s Birthday party at the Movies, I was at the gym doing Cardio. Yes, that’s a lot of Cardio.

Monday I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. I said to myself “Self, this is the week that we’ll do 2 Spin Classes”, so I figured, what better day to start, than …well today.

Did the class. It was hard. The seat was hard. My ass is sore. But felt FANTASTIC afterwards. Then a thought popped into my head. “ Oh dear lord, I have training with Nyrton tonight”. Oh ya, he came up with a new circuit on Monday night that was designed especially to kick my ass. I thought I might puke again. I almost cried while he was yelling at me to go LOWER with my squats. I have an extreme distaste for back rows now (especially with 75 pounds on a bar thingy). Push ups are my enemy. And I hate, hate hate Mountain climbers. But I did it. And I managed to do my Cardio afterwards to. So, that was Spinning, Weight Training from hell, and then running on the Treadmill. All in one day.

I get home from the gym, and Nevaeh pukes all over me. Poor thing is sick as a dog. So I take Tuesday off work to stay home with my sickly baby. Which means I only did cardio once yesterday. I felt so guilty about it. I need something at home so I can always have a back-up plan for cardio. I need a treadmill or a bike or something. Or P90X. Anyone have a copy of that?!

Anyways, today I was a good girl, and went to the gym at lunch and did interval training like I’m supposed to. And tonight, after Abby’s Dance Class, and while Mady’s in Hip-hop, I’ll be going through hell with Nyrton again.

Sounds like fun right? I knew this would be hard, but this is ridiculous :)

2 more sleeps till the weigh-in.

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  1. Another torture (oops) LOL training session down exactly 13 training sessions left...yaaaaaaaaaaay...what did we get ourselves into...I am with you all the way girl you know that...just wanted to swear at him tonight...and tell to shut the #@$% up!!! I was NOT late by the way!!! We had changed my appointment time to 8:30 last week and he just had to be difficult about it this week. Anyhow, from hereon in it is 8:30 on Wednesdays for me. Was hoping to see you but I knew that you were busy with the girls.
    Please don't ever feel guilty for doing what you NEED to do as a Mother, it is not about neglecting ourselves. It is about doing what we need to do and doing it the way we need to do it!!! You are doing AWESOME!!! I am in awe of you!!! You are a very strong woman, mentally, emotionally and physically!!! I have witnessed all of it!!! You go girl!!! We will continue being healthy long past this competition!!!


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