Flashback Friday: I need to get a move on

Friday, January 29, 2010


I was going through old pictures, and found this one of Mady that I LOVE. It was way back in the day when K and I were still married, and we lived up in the north end of Barrie. I loved that house. I had pimped out her room, and loved the wall paper.

Now that I see this pic, it makes me realize how organized I was back then. Everything always felt settled. Laundry was usually done, Saturdays were spent cleaning, Sundays were for relaxing and then we had a busy week. But this was back when I we only had 2 kids. They didn't go back and forth because, well we K and I lived together, so there was never upheaval to the kids and our lives. It was a more normal life I guess. I was settled, but was I happy? no. Am I happy now? Yes (except for when Nick doesn't do dishes) lol

But now the kids go week to week. And everything always feels so rushed. I never really get a chance to organize anything. But this weekend I'm making it my GOAL to re-organize the girls rooms. Even though I'm super sore from training today. (He's doing this new thing where we work one muscle group before our regular session, but we work it to exhaustion. So Monday was legs, and Tuesday was back, and today was chest. I can tell you right now -I wont doing up my own bra tomorrow. I'm already sore.)

So after my photo shoots tomorrow, plus a wedding consult, I'm heading out to buy bins for toys, and looking for bunk beds for abby/mimi's room. So if anyone out there has bunk beds they want to get rid of LET ME KNOW!!!!!

Peace xo

ps. I lost 5lbs this week, in case you didn't know. yes I'm awesome.

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