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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good ol' Sundays. We love them here. Sleeping in, lazing around the house in our PJs.

Ya right. Not in this house. I wish - actually after the month of January once we get 2 Birthdays out of the way, we might be able to manage a nice lazy sleep in day (if we can convince Nevaeh that wake up time is NOT 6am).

But we still had fun today. And it's not even over! This morning the kids got up and had breakfast of champions ....Pop Tarts. Gotta love Pop tarts. Wish I can eat them. Today is my cheat day and I still wouldn't eat one.

Then they took their cool new sleds to the hill behind our house. After which Abby and Mimi came home to watch Aliens in the Attic for the 3rd time this weekend, while I took Mady and Nikita Skating. I only managed to get one pic of Nikita before she zoomed away - man can that kid skate! Madison is a little more cautious..






I'd like to add that the weather people are liars. I heard on Friday that this was supposed to be a 'warmer' weekend of -8 on Saturday and -2 on Sunday. UM no. Yesterday was like -87397 and today felt a bit better than that. I don't like my snot sticking to the insides of my nose while trying to take pictures of play with my kids.

So far, I've stuck to my resolution and Blogged everyday. It's be easy thus far. This week though I'm back to Guides, Sparks, Dance, plus all my training and cardio sessions. Sooo, My blogs might not be this detailed.

I'm trying to convince Nick to write a blog. It may or may not happen. We'll see.

Off to plan dinner, do dishes, finish lunches for tomorrow and then game night.

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