Flashback Friday & Day 11

Friday, January 15, 2010

We'll, I'm sure you all know by now (because I'm shameless and posted it all over my facebook) I'm down 6lbs this week. So that's a Grand Total of 9lbs, since we 'officially' started last Tuesday.

Crazy eh?

It's been quite the week for me, let's recap
  • Monday morning, found out I had to interview the next day for my job.
  • Monday night when I should have been preparing for said interview, I was at the gym puking all over the floor
  • Tuesday had to go through the interview process. I was so nervous. But did well
  • Wednesday worked so hard at the gym, could barley walk the next day
  • but Thursday I found out I was the successful candidate for my position! I no longer feel like I'm just filling in for Sheila. It's mine, and I'm thrilled.
  • But last night got ZERO sleep because I was worried about my weigh-in this morning
But I lost 6lbs. So I'm happy, my trainer is happy, and I'm sure he's going to try and kill me tonight at the gym. I swear he's plotting my death.

This brings me to the flashback portion of the post. It's a way back picture, I'm thinking '95 or '96. Me. Thin.


I'm not sure what's up with my pants, and why they are up so high. It was the 90's but still.

Nice belt on me? lol

I will be thin again one day -perhaps not this thin, but as a good friend said to me today, possibly Beyonce thin, because lets face it, I have a ghetto booty.

Thanks again for the support. Love you lots. xo

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  1. Oh well done you! It's taken me 5 weeks to lose 9lb - but then again I can still walk upright :)) Your regime would kill me I swear.


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