My sister is here!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Yay!! Yesterday my sister took a 4 hour bus/train ride from Hamilton up here to visit moi!!

She spent last night laughing at poor little whining about my sore legs, arms, well sore everything really. We also watched 2 movies, and talked through them both, much to Nicks dismay. This is what Miller women do. We talk through movies. Deal with it.

Today we got up and went for breakfast with her friend Christine, whom I love to bits and pieces, she's a pretty cool chick.

Nevaeh had fun...



These were taken during her calmer moments. I'm not sure what it is with her but she likes to SCREAM at the top of her lungs. I felt bad for the other customers at Debs.



Aren't they adorable?? They both eat well too, so I wasn't tempted to cheat. Never mind that I weigh in tomorrow. So I had a veggie egg white omelette and Green Tea and water. Tasty eh?

I left my bread and potatoes. Didn't touch them.

That's will power!!!

Oh, and just in case your counting it's 4 no coffee! I'm actually starting to like green tea. Go figure.

Have my second session with my trainer tonight - should be interesting since I can barley walk :)

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