Day 5

Friday, January 08, 2010

So it's been 5 days since I've had a cup of coffee. And I'm still alive. I haven't had anything Super tasty, but I'm not starved, and It's not too bad. I actually feel great. Not sluggish, and bloated all day long. My workout schedule is crazy and I'm starting to adjust and fit it into my already crazy life. My appointments are in the evening, and they are scheduled when I normally put the kids to bed and have my 'me' time on the couch (typically with food) but instead of being lazy, I'm going out in the cold, in the dark and driving to the gym. Last night I was there for close to 2 hours. Nyrton (my kick ass trainer) nearly bout killed me again. I hate squats with a passion and these stupid sit up core thingys on the ball. I hate that ball. I want to pop it.

So after all of my training he made me do my cardio. He set the time etc, and then went downstairs. By this time it was after 10pm. I was tired, and really wanted to see Nick, who I haven't seen all week long really. I missed him. I had visions of just leaving getting off the treadmill. Nyrton won't notice, I can leave 10 minutes early.

But I didn't. And normally I would. That is progress my friend.

This morning I raced around getting ready to make it to the B101 station for 8am for our first weigh-in. Scary stuff. I was sooooooo nervous driving. I don't know how I made myself walk in to that building. But I did. Then getting on the scale. I kept reminding myself "It's only been 3 full days on the program (we officially started Tuesday) so if I didn't lose, I'd be okay with that"
But I did end up losing 3lbs which is pretty good I think. I'm happy with the results. I'm aiming for 4 -5 for next week. So everyone keep sending me positive vibes. (Also I'd like to say how cool Jamie and Tara are, and the whole B101 staff. Such welcoming people......that being said I was TERRIFIED I'd have to talk on air!!)

And after weighing in, I actually went back to the gym. It nearly killed me since everything hurts, but whatever, I ended up feeling better afterwards.

As a side note, I found a really super cute dress yesterday while shopping with my sister. It's the dress I want for my birthday. It's super cute. So now when I'm on the Elliptical, I think of that dress.

The one thing I think I'm looking forward to most about being thinner, is the shopping. I don't know if anyone who reads this (or if anyone reads this at all for that matter) is plus size, but it's a different world of shopping. When your fat ( I can say that cause I am) you have like 3 different stores you can shop at. That's it. You buy what fits, not what's fashionable, and you wear it.

When your thinner, you have TONS of stores, where shirts are like $7 and cute, and all different styles etc. I cannot wait for that. I want to want to dress cute and accessorize. I have no drive to do that right now. Well it's getting better, but say , last week? I could have cared less if you saw me in sweat pants or not.

Phew. what a novel. And no pictures. sorry. But for those of you who are on my facebook - I'm posting my xmas pics soon:)

thanks for the love xoxoxo

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