Day 70….

Friday, March 11, 2011

….otherwise Titled “Nicole is Obsessive Compulsive”

It’s been an odd day. This post is totally stream of consciousness writing. I’m not spell checking or grammar checking (actually I tend not to for any of my posts actually, it’s a mixture of laziness and I don’t like re-reading what I’ve written. I only go back to look at the photos). Since last Tuesday I’ve lived and breathed something completely bizarre. A little TV show about a motorcycle club. Sons of Anarchy. My uncle has been trying to get me to watch the damn show since this time last year probably. Everytime he mentioned it, I’d reply with a ‘I don’t have time for another show” or “oh ya, think that’s good try watching….(insert every tv show I’ve been obsessed with lately, LOST, Dexter, Six Feet Under, Rescue Me)…The same thing with my parents. They started watching SOA and told me to watch. Nope. Didn’t have the time. I have too much on my plate as it is. Rescue me literally took up a month of my life. And I still haven’t watched season 6. I get so consumed in what I’m watching I rush the kids to bed so I can stay up and watch 4 or 5 episodes with Nick before we crawl up the stairs in a sleep deprived haze and flop into bed. I exaggerate, but not much. So, how did I finally end up watching this show? Last week, specifically last Monday, Feb 28th, a friend of mine from work asked if I had seen it (since I’m the ‘go to person’ for tv shows at work). I said no, I hadn’t, I have season one sitting on my tv unit, unwatched. She told me that she had started it on the weekend and she really liked it.

This is how it began. I thought perfect. Someone to talk to at work about a TV show. No one watches what I watch here. Except Glee, but lets face it. Glee is a guilty pleasure, and you can’t really have a good debate, intellectual conversation over who got slushied in the face, or what stupid quip came out of Britney's mouth this week (speaking of which best line last week : The key is to use your curling iron in the bathtub to keep you from being burnt)

So it was on. I had to go home and convince Nick to watch another Series on DVD. See it’s not easy getting him to do this. He knows it consumes me and totally admits it sucks him in too (which leaves him less time for NASCAR and video games). Yes, It sounds as though I’m talking about a child.

I got home and a made a big to-do about there being nothing on television that night, and maybe could we just watch one episode and if we didn’t like it we could just turn it off.

We watched 4 episodes that night. 4 hours straight. I liked the show. A lot. It surprised me. The acting is flawless, I forgot that Katey was ever Peg Bundy, and was sucked right in. Even the beauty in beast guy had me. But I still thought Rescue me was a better show. Fast forward to the next night. Watched 4 more episodes. Fell in love with Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam). I’m seriously in school girl crush mode, Ive googled, twittered, facebooked just about all the information I can get on him. I’ve you tubed interviews with him and even watched Cold Mountain again, just to see him as a bad guy. I’m in love.

Nick and I finished season 1 on Friday night. It took us 5 nights to watch 14 hours of television. It was a damn good season but I still couldn’t let go of Rescue Me. We started season 2 Saturday night, and 2 episodes in, I realized this is one of the Best TV shows I’ve seen. By season 3 I may like it more than LOST not that you can compare it to LOST as it’s not even in the same universe, but you know what I mean. Dexter is kids play compared to Sons (though I do love me some Michael C Hall).

My newly obsessed self has now decided Kurt Sutter (the writer/creator/actor) is a genius, and I must learn all I can about it. I have literally spent hours now reading every post on his blog. If you haven’t read it, do it. It’s great. His mind is all over the freaking place. He’s got the balls to say what he means , and he sticks to his guns. He mentions somewhere in his blog that his minds going a million places at once.

I relate well to that. I think I’ve mentioned before that on any given moment, while driving, I can be thinking of what needs to be done at Georgian, what weddings I need to edit, what emails I have to return, wonder if this is what I’m supposed to be doing or am I destined for anything bigger, sing along to the Britney song that’s playing, and choreograph that dance in my head, (either I’m dancing or perhaps one of the so you think you can dance people are) and I can yell at my children to stop talking so I can hear the song I’m singing too.

Oh ya. I’m a nut job. Perhaps it’s ADHD. Or maybe everyone thinks that many thoughts at once. Who knows. I can probably write a book with all the shit that’s in my head. I imagine/day dream all the time. Make up scenarios in my head. (and right now all daydreams have been directed at jax, and how when I meet him he’s instantly going to fall in love with me and we’ll hop on his Harley into the sunset).

Batshit crazy right?

There was no point to this post whatsoever, expcept that I had nothing much to say other than that. so there you go. No witty stories about my kids, or what exiting things I’ve done today. There was none. I took one photo coming out of starbucks. It’s from my cell phone. It’s crap. But tasted good.


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