Day 66

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Today was a pretty nice day. Until I fell down Blue Mountain.

True story.

Tanya and I had another engagement session there (it’s a popular place!) and we brought along a Georgian Photography student to shadow us, as she has a report to do. She also happens to be my Cousin. And her name also happens to be Nikki. Also a true story.

I took this shot of Tanya and Nikki getting our lovely couple on the chair lift. Right after I took this I though hell, I might as well walk up the rest of the hill and get the shot. Then we walked back down. And down I went. On my ass. They all laughed. And I just sat there covered in snow. Freezing. Oh what I do for a photo. Spring can come any day now.

march 6

Thanks Nikki for helping us today – can’t wait to see your shots.

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