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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

march 9

This child was testing my patience today. After school, they all knew which chores they had to complete before getting snack/movie time. Abigail decided this was the time to instead make a huge mess of her sisters room. This mess involved sparkles, markers, stickers and water. I’d like to take this time to mention that I hate the parents that buy sparkles or play dough as Birthday gifts. Seriously? I’ll get you back at your kids birthday with finger paints.

Anywho. Not only did she make the mess, but after getting in trouble, and the punishment of cleaning it up on her own, she decided that this was a good time to slam her baby sisters hand in the doorway. grrrrrr. So, I have a baby toddler that is screaming it hurts every 5 seconds, and a daughter slamming doors because ‘Life’s not fair’


After a rough evening, and after being sent to bed, I snuck Abby out of her room (didn’t want to wake Mimi who was sleeping half on, half off her bed), and took her into my room to have a chat about why I was so upset. We came to an agreement that she from now on will be the perfect daughter and do everything she’s told. She will no longer fight with her sisters, or argue with me.

ha.I can dream

Then I bribed her telling her that being the best daughter ever means letting your mom take your photo cause she totally forgot to take a photo today. I then sent her back to bed after taking the 4 photos she allowed me, and realized, crap, I’ve already blogged today. Ah well. Here’s another one.


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