Day 75

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She’s feeling much better today (even though she woke up at 4am again!)


Nick, Nev and I were supposed to go out for dinner tonight. However, Nick unexpectedly (and unbeknownst to me until 6:20) had a late meeting. So I fed her quickly, and we went to the park! I LOVE that it’s still light out at 6:20 (even 7:20 as I write this), and it was 10 degrees so we went and played on the swings, though it’s a bit messy as you can see from the lake size puddle underneath her.

Yes, my feet are drenched.

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  1. love her jean jacket! I was trying to find one for Ella but they all had flowers and stuff on them... I want a plain one! :)

  2. Her's isn't plain either lol it has flowers on the very bottom, they are cute though. It's from Children's Place I think.

    Try Roots for solid Jean Jackets. I've gotten the kids some from there before.

  3. Ah... I hadn't checked there. It is cute! Of course it probably helps that she is adorable! :)


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