Day 83

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My boss came back from New Orleans today, with gifts for her staff (there’s only 3 of us) and I was super excited.


…..yes. It’s a hello kitty voodoo doll. Can this be any more perfect for me?? Um, hello kitty, feathers, sparkles, and pins. ummm perfection.

Shelby and I were playing with our dolls, and she notices I’ve got my black pin out and I’m poking it. (black – negative , white – positive) So she laughs and says, “you and i are different. I used the white one first to send love, and then used the black pin”. I quickly mentioned the first pin I did use was the white, and I did send love to nick, and then, because I’m vengeful, I used the black pin. And pictured a certain someone.

We then got into the conversation about how we’re so negative at work, and really there are people who have the ability to be positive all the time. Like truly happy people. It’s all in our thought process. We went on and on about this for a while, I wont get into details, but when I opened up blogger tonight and read Jacqueline's post on her blog, i thought that’s weird, or a sign.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not the most positive person out there. I’ve got self esteem issues like mad, which means I'm super insecure. I doubt my self all the time, and am honestly surprised any time someone says they like anything about me (my hair, my necklace, my photography). Which is probably why I fail at things like dieting and sticking to something I start, I set my self up for disappointment.

It’s a hard thing to change the way we think, to turn a negative comment or thought into a positive. But I’m going to try. Which means not gossiping, or negative/complaining blogs, or getting frustrated when the next mother with an SLR camera and a tutu sets up shop at sunnidale park, I’m going to be better than that.

If you notice me slip,just send me a reminderWinking smile

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