Day 79

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The girls playing with sidewalk paint. I had to pause take a breath and not freak out that they got paint all over themselves.

I have been team blackberry for almost 2 years now. Nick has been team iPhone. We’ve argued and argued as to which is better. I’m the type of person that ALWAYs has her phone with her. Always. I'm addicted to BBM, and seriously thought I’d never change to iPhone.

Until Nick got his iPhone 4 on Friday. I’m now obsessed. He was waiting for his upgrade, and when he finally got it, i thought ya, more of the same crap. Nope. Love it.

I made him download the hipstomatic apps, and i literally played with his phone for 2 hours this morning. Then I got in the car, drove to bell, and made them switch my number over to his old iPhone until I could upgrade to the 4 as well.

Anyone know of other cool apps for this iPhone virgin?

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