Day 85

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today, was a fantastic day. It was my day off. Having a Saturday off is very rare for us, and I was so excited.

We slept in….until 8am. Yes, that is now considered sleeping in.

We got up, got Nevaeh all dressed and ready to go, and ventured off to Cora’s.


She’s the funniest child. I’ve mentioned before that she gathers her toys into groups of Mommies, Daddies and babies, but she also does with this crayons. Her blue crayon (daddy) kept talking to the pink crayon (mommy) and then they helped the crying green crayon (baby). She makes me laugh.

We then ventured across town to the mall. We don’t go to the north end all that much. One, because I have an addiction to baby gap, and two, because it’s a pain in the ass to get to.

But Nick needed new shoes, as his old ones were talking


We bribed Nevaeh with popcorn so she’d stay in the stroller while we shopped. We did other errands and grocery shopped because Becca and Jase were coming for dinner. I swear to god Nick and I make each other laugh so hard just driving in the car. we could spend the entire day in the car just being stupid. While in the starbucks drive thru, he told me he could turn himself into a wrinkle dog. I said umm sure.


He’s a loser. What can I say.

So, when we finally got home, Nevaeh spent hours playing with her new My LIttle Ponnies, and Nick was making Lasagne, so I watched one of my favourite movies, Shakespeare in Love, while waiting for Becs and Jase. I got to lounge and watch a movie today. So exciting. didn’t want to edit a single photo. Hence the cell phone photos.

Georgia is sooo big now!





ya. he’s a pro star. no hands for him.


Pretty Becca


Now, after 3 glasses of wine, I’m going to finish dishes and go to bed.

Night Y’all.

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