Day 100

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have I mentioned the brakes on my van have needed changed since, oh, November maybe? Nick changes them, so honestly I have no excuse other than lack of free weekend for getting them changed. Since they were starting to grind rather than squeal, I made time on Sunday for Nick to change them. We got up at 8 (eek) and went to borrow my parents garage which is bigger than mine. He took photos of how bad the pads were. I’m not posting, I’m embarrassed.

Okay fine he’s one.


I’m heavy on breaks.

After this I had two more photoshoots,

april 10

and by the end I was just exhausted. Not a chance was I cooking dinner, Nick suggested since I worked so hard we should go out……to Red Lobster. Bah. Fine. Lure me with garlic shrimp.

So off we went.


Something wrong with this picture? She didn’t like her drink wanted daddys.

So, halfway through dinner I’ve got hot and cold flashes, and couldn’t finish. I felt terrible. Nick couldn’t finish his either, and I should have known something was up. By the time we get home, I’m sick everywhere (not to get too graphic) and Nicks trying his hardest not too.

So, to re-cap, I’m sore from all the coughing I did yesterday with what I thought was Bunny allgergies, my back kills, body aches, and now I’m physically being ill. Oh! and I have some sort of eye infection.

I spent the night hugging the toilet, wondering ‘why me’

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