Day 119

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My day ‘off’. Was supposed to sleep in.

Woke up at 6:30.

To fighting.

My fave.

Decided we should go hit JYSK (store grand opening at 8am good sales)

It was lined up for miles.

Took the kids to Coras.


Then took them out shopping. Went to Costco etc, then went and got myself the adapter to play my ipod through my car. Finally. Thank the good lord no more justin beiber cds in my car! Tried JYSK again, pretty good deals. Though this time, just our luck, we run into Nicks mother. Who’s never met Nevaeh. This was fun. Not. She wasn’t the friendliest person ever. Kind of fake nice. I feel badly for my kids, they had no idea what to say except Mimi who said ‘who’s that lady’. Bah.

We then came home to do chores, and then the kids got to play outside cause it was sooo nice out! loved the weather today.

Then it was off to Nana’s for a sleepover!! Nick and I had plans with old friend of his and his fiancé. We did their engagement photos, then went for dinner.

Here are some outtakes.

april 30 1

april 30

this last one we took after dinner, I was testing my light so it wasn’t actually the shot I wanted, but ended up loving it.

Nick and I then went to the movies at 10pm – this is late for us. We’re loser old people now who don’t go out on Saturday nights.

And he takes me to the scariest movie in the world. No joke. Don’t see insidious. You may die.

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