Day 113

Sunday, April 24, 2011

So last night we had a plan. Nevaeh would fall asleep easily, and then we’d watch a movie, hide eggs around our hotel room and then go to bed. This did not happen. Nevaeh wanted to cuddle with daddy in her bed watching The Bee Movie. I feel asleep in our bed. They fell asleep in theirs.

Fast forward to this morning when Nevaeh wakes up saying “lets go outside”. Eeek. I jumped out of bed quickly, grabbed her ran to the washroom said “I’m brushing her teeth, Nick H-I-D-E the E-G-G-S”. I could hear him banging around while Nevaeh had the longest tooth brushing of her life. Finally we came out and Nevaeh got to hunt for eggs.

These are mainly SOOC or b&w’s in lightroom cause I don’t have time in my life…

blog 1

blog 2

blog 3

blog 4

blog 5

We then took the shuttle to the main building where she got to hunt for more eggs!


Then face painting!

blog 6

blog 7

And playing in the kids room…..then off to the stables

blog 8

blog 9

blog 10

She didn’t want to leave the horses …..until….

blog 11

She found he puppies and the ducks!

blog 12

blog 13

blog 14

blog 15

blog 16

As you can tell, we had so much fun. I can’t wait to take all the kids later this year.

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