Day 98

Friday, April 08, 2011

I’m so very tired.

Long ass day at work. Though I did get a lunch hour today and decided to go visit nick at work and bring him pho. He had no time to sit with me so I had to go back to eat it, but still i had pho so all in all it was not too bad of a day.

After work I had to edit a zillion photos before Nick and I ventured out to run errands. I soo badly wanted to go in the new Coach Outlet in Cookstown, however the 2 hour line up had me re-thinking that.

Oh well, I’ll have to go this week.

On the way home there was a really pretty sunset, and all I had on me was my phone, I drove around trying to get a good spot, and i got an okay pic you can see here

Once we got home and I put a very cranky Nevaeh to bed, Nick worked on gutting my garage (to make room for all the storage from the basement, cause he’s building me a nice office/studio down there!!!) so I edited more photos, and blogged a session from last month here

So, then I remembered I had no pic for today, so I’m posting one of me sitting on my couch. I took with my phone using face time which makes you look funny. oh well.


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