Day 118

Friday, April 29, 2011

My day started at 4:30am. I jumped out of bed to the sound of my alarm, and ran down the stairs to put the kettle on. Had to drink tea to watch the wedding.

I sat, curled up on my couch in my favourite blanket, waiting to see the first glimpse of Kate. Though I wasn’t prepared for how teared up I’d get seeing the boys make their way to the Abbey. And then again when she got out of the car . I even took a photo lol


I felt oddly patriotic to a country I don’t live in. Though I guess I kinda can, because my dad was born there, but I’ve never been, so it still feels strangely odd. I’ve heard others who have only visited there, and still felt a sense of pride watching. We were watching a moment in history and how cool is that in this day in age we can watch on TV and the net.

Speaking of which, I watched until I made my self get ready for work. Then drove 150km an hour to get to work hoping not to miss the kiss. I then streamed the video on not one, but two monitors at work, and had like 5 ladies from work watch with me. Super fun. It was what everyone talked about all day and I couldn't get enough. Her dress, her flowers (yes, small, but pretty) her sister, harry. I became obsessed.

I even went to bath and body works to get the free lip-gloss


pathetic? yes.

I’m just glad we can’t have more kids, cause the next one would be named Pippa. not kidding. maybe my next pets name?

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