Day 109

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My blog posts have been fairly boring lately. Cell phone pictures everywhere as I’m too lazy and too busy to take real photos of my children and random goings on in my life.

Today was a crazy super busy day. Tanya and I feel frustrated lately as we first found out that another local photographer copied and pasted word for word, our entire price list. We realize we’re not the only children’s photographers in Barrie. And we’re not the best by ANY mean, nor were we the first BUT when we are blatantly copied in our OWN town, by people we have actually photographed it’s very frustrating. Since we found this out, we have also found out that not only was our price list of of our website copied they have also decided to copy us on many other things. That being said, I do realize that if you can’t be creative at all, and have your own creative ideas then you are never going to make it. It’s not wise to rub other photographers in the industry the wrong way, especially in your town. We know several from Barrie, and we talk, and sometimes even hang out, share ideas and we help each other out. All photographers borrow ideas from other photographers, or build on concepts or styles, but it’s a new low when you copy exactly from another photographer IN YOUR SAME CITY!!

We’ve had plenty of our past clients become photographers, many mommies who are at home, and who have the knack, or have had an interest for a long time, but never took the plunge. They ask tons of questions and we are very forthcoming and I thought, giving. We wish we had people like that when we were first starting out.

Anyways enough of the rant…on to positive things. And I promise I didn’t scour other Barrie photographers to get the idea for these photos….


me: mimi i thought you wanted your pictures taken???

mimi: I do, i like the serious look

me: well i want super cute smiley photos

mimi: okay i’ll do a model pose….


She’s crazy.

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