Day 133

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I had an early morning photo shoot. In the crappy weather, but turned out pretty good.

Took Nick to work, then the girls and I went shopping at Old Navy, and then came home because my sister was coming for a visit!!!

They loved her dog Dexter


We went to Costco to get our movie tickets (cause it’s wayyy cheaper there) and then rushed to the movie theater…to find out every other family in Barrie had the same idea as us. Go see rio. It was sold out.

We were not happy.

So we bought advance tickets to the later show, and went grocery shopping and went home to have dinner, and watch YouTube videos of Keenan Cahill. I’m addicted. Seriously – google it.

Then we went back out the movies. at this point, my patience is near non-existence. The kids have been brutal all day, and the rain hasn’t made it any better.


not even walking into the movies was fun. we were cold and wet when we got in.

but once the popcorn came the kids were good.


RIO was hilarious!! loved it

So, after the movie, Carol-anne had to make favours for the bridal shower she was hosting on Sunday. Look at my living room:


Sorry about all the crappy cell phone photos. I wasn’t in the mood for the big one. Too tired.

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