Day 144

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nick got up early and got me a starbucks. I love him.

He then found the creep song on itunes for me! Double win!! He’s earning brownie points all over the place.

Get to work this morning, and open my email, and I have a coupon from Bath and Body works. Oh no. I just went Saturday – can I really justify going at lunch again? Wait! Yes I can. I’m out of bubble bath.

Off I go on lunch, and get my free item cause I spent a minimum of $15. Yay. I love free stuff.

I have a headache this afternoon and have so much to do. I have to blog sessions from last weekend, and edit more Tutus. Finish up the last 2 weddings. And play with my child.

Tanya and I are working on the whole work/family balance and ensuring we have days off on weekends now to spend with the kids. So this Sunday I have a full day off to play outside. I hope it doesn’t rain. I’m so excited!!

no photo from me again today. I’m tutu hell so don’t feel like looking at my camera much.

Nick took this:


Totally gross. this was on my fairy statue in our garden late last night. ew.

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