Day 131

Thursday, May 12, 2011

While I was at work today something totally random popped into my head. I had a craving to watch Dawson's creek.


I’m totally team pacey (except for when that random guy who Joey snuck into the No Doubt concert with. Loved him).

So, I came home tonight, and thanks to the power of the internet, I streamed 2 episodes of Dawson's creek season 1 while I folded laundry, and Nevaeh played with her babies in her room.

Heaven I tell you.

THEN to make it even better night, after I bathed and put Nevaeh to bed, I caught up on 2 weeks worth of Vampire Diaries. (can you tell Nicks working late?)

He came home just in time for THIS weeks episode. Yes, I watched 3 hours of Vampire hotness. I can hardly stand it. Don’t judge.

And being the perfect man Nick is, he watched it with me. Cuddled with his kitty.


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