Day 145

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I’m sick. Yes. Again.

Felt great last night. then 6am. BAM. stomach cramps from hell. Well then I wont go into the details but lets just say I’m sick. I think food poisoning. I guess I didn’t fully cook that chicken stuffed with broccoli last night. My gosh – brutal

THEN to top off matters, I get my monthly visitor. Im guess all of my readers are female so I wont gross anyone out here.

I lay in bed 50% of the day with heating pads and a bucket, and the other half I spend in the washroom wishing to die.

Nick came home, thinking he was doing me a favour, with a costco size box of pads (umm? hello pads? seriously?) and a giant bottle of Midol.

He’s lucky he’s still alive.

The only photo I have i took with my phone (really sick here people) and it’s of the new cool frames Tanya and I got from Sweet Soda Frames. They got delivered today. I’m excited.

may 26

And now im dizzy and exhausted so I’m back to the couch with heating pads.

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