Day 140

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yay for long weekends.

This morning Nevaeh let us sleep in till 8:30. I call this progress. I had a shoot at 11am so I didn’t have a ton of time to do much but we went and had starbucks so that was nice.

Great shoot – easy. Family was fun.

Barrie family_017

Came home and Nick and Nev were ready and waiting to venture to Bradford with me so I could trade vehicles with my parents (Tutu mini sessions tomorrow and Monday – so wanted the truck). We get the Truck, say good bye and planed on going to Midland to the Marina where Nick had spent most of his week. We get on the 400 and then come to a dead stop just north of 88. Dead stop. For 45 minutes. People everywhere were out of their cars. The radio wasn’t saying much so people were out chatting. It’s a surreal feeling to walk on the 400 let me tell you. I only had my cell with me, so here is a cell phone photo;

may 21

We decided NO to Midland and YES to cookstown outlet mall. I deserve a prize for not going in the Coach store.

I did however buy Nev some Crocks and a new summer wardrobe and childrens place. But it was on sale, and was like 70% off the sale price so was basically free in my eyes.

We then went to Becca’s for a visit and to get the cool headbands she made me for tutus. Thanks Becs.

I then totally conned nick into going to the mall (with promises of yogen fruz) I have a serious problem with Bath and Body Works. But it was buy three get three free. So that cancels its self out to me and is free right? THEN there was a sale on sandles at the the Disney store. And all the kids needed some of those.

I’m banned from shopping for a while.

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