Day 143

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I always hate the first day back from a long weekend (not that I even got a day off or anything). I wanted to stay in bed but crawled into work.

Nevaeh had her shots, and didn’t cry at all, she’s such a big girl. She did give the nurse the dirtiest look ever.

Came home, Nev had her snack, and I edited 5 Tutu Families from the weekend. Woo hoo, only 26 more to go. Bah.

Nick texted me saying he wanted to go to costco when he got home cause he needed a new razor. So off we went. Did you know new razors at costco are 59 freaking dollars?? WTF . Are they magic?? Do they make your hair stop growing with one swipe. I freaking hope so. $59…Seriously. Stupid. I said no. Go buy a lady bic from freaking Shoppers.

I will say that I want to read every book at costco right now. The book section calls my name. I was good and didn’t buy a book though. I did however buy 2 different kinds of hummus. I told you - I’m random.

Spent the evening watching Oprah again. Didn’t cry as much as yesterday. Then Glee (have bi-curious moment while watching Santana dance around in the green dress. Hello!! She’s so hot!) Then watch the Voice. I did Cry when I heard Rebecca and Devon (I think) sing Creep by Radio head. Loved it. We tried to find on itunes . Couldn’t. and I was sad.

I didn’t take a photo today.Not even a cell phone photo. I know I suck.

But nick did….he saved the day


his way to work. Interesting no? lol

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