Day 125

Friday, May 06, 2011

….aka my birthday.

Nick got up at 6:30 to get my a starbucks and a birthday cake pop. Love him muchly.

At lunch I met up with Becca and her mommy and Becs made me yummy cake pops - sense a theme?


These were soo good. Nevaeh stole half of them on me lol

After nick left work, he took me out for dinner. We had grand plans of Ruth Chris but we were both way to tired, and driving downtown for our 8pm reservation just seemed like way too much work so we made it as far as vaughn and hit Baton Rouge, our second fave place to eat. It was so good.



So that was my prime rib. (bottom of the photo)


And this is where I made it too. I was so freaking full.

When we left the light was so pretty (like 7:30ish) so I made Nick stand in the parking lot so I could play around with the 85mm 1.4


I freaking love this lens.

All in all, really great birthday.

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